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Computer Management Kit

Feastech’s Computer Management Kit – Business Edition

Feastech’s Computer Management Kit is an easy to use computer equipment management system that promises to bring organization and convenience to your busy life. Our Computer Management Kit is a must for any organization. The Computer Management Kit makes keeping track of computer hardware and software, technical support phone numbers, licenses, passwords and warranty information a breeze. There are no complicated hardware or software installations required to use the Computer Management Kit. And, it’s online which means that you can access and update your information from any computer in the event your organization experiences downtime due to an unforeseen disaster.

Computer Hardware and Software Information Management – In the event of a computer crash, if you don’t have all of the information necessary to obtain outside technical support, it could cost your business unnecessary dollars, and significant time. We have laid out critical information details you’ll need so that you will have everything handy in the event you find yourself having to obtain outside support for your computers. Never be caught off guard again when a new technical support provider requests details about your computer hardware or software. All of the information you’ll need will be right at your fingertips. Feastech’s easy to use Computer Management Kit allows you to keep your organization’s hardware and software information in one convenient place. There’s even a place for item costs; this feature will come in handy during tax time.

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The Computer Management Kit provides you with:

Website, Database and Customized System Management – Your organization’s website, databases and customized systems are more complex than you may think; there may be multiple vendors and various software programs involved in the design and functionality of one system. There will come a time when your company’s technical support staff person or company is not available. If you don’t have all of the information necessary to obtain outside support, it could cost you thousands of dollars to reproduce a system or site. We have laid out critical information details so that you will have everything you need in the event you find yourself having to outsource some or all of your business’s technical support, Web Site or system design and/or maintenance.

Password Management – Avoid long technical support wait times for E-mail or other online account password resets. This user-friendly organizer allows the convenient storage of the numerous usernames and passwords that we so often forget, or lose.

Software License Management – Save your organization the hefty fines that can be incurred as a result of software license misusage. With our software license inventory feature, your organizations software licenses list is always at your fingertips.